Eat Well Network supplies the health- and environment-conscious. We provide a range of healthy, bio-organic dried fruits, nuts, chocolate bars and a variety of drinks.

We strive to promote a carbon-neutral way of living and are meat-free to help reduce our carbon footprint.


Every product anyone consumes - including food and beverages -

has a carbon footprint.


Eat Well Network neutralizes the emissions from its own products by actively growing and protecting trees that naturally absorb CO₂.

Eat Well Network also collaborates with a range of NGOs across the globe and supports projects that help protect nature and support local communities. In Madagascar, Eat Well Network protects and plants mangroves, highly carbon absorbent and vital for biodiversity and ecosystems.

We also provide stoves designed to reduce carbon emissions from heating. This helps protecting the precious mangroves, otherwise widely used as firewood.



Eat Well Network is a group of producers, suppliers and NGOs promoting healthy and carbon neutral nutrition solutions. From European-based producers to African-based NGOs, everyone along the chain is playing a key role in nurturing and protecting the environment.

Eat Well Network’s core team is a group of international professionals. We share a common passion and knowledge about measures to improve the well-being of our planet.




Baris Karapinar, Assoc. Prof.

Founder & CEO

Desire for positive environmental and social impact has defined Baris’ international career. Holder of a PhD from the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE), Baris has served as a lead author of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC). As a member of the United Nations Convention to Combat Desertification (UNCCD), he has represented over 500 NGOs worldwide. Baris also worked as a co-leader of a research program on trade and climate change at the University of Bern and engaged in policy consultancy for the Swiss Agency for Development, European Parliament, World Trade Organization and German Development Cooperation. By founding Eat Well Network, Baris strives for tangible impact in the way we nurture ourselves while caring for nature. 

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Delphine Lachat

Head of Communications

Delphine is a Sales and Marketing specialist, who built her expertise in a variety of organisations in Europe and Asia. Public and private companies, large and small structures, agency- and client-side are the environments she evolved in. Genuinely passionate about consuming responsibly, Delphine takes pride in bringing health and environment at the heart of what she does for the community, and through Eat Well Network.

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Rossana Galli D’Amico, PhD

Coordinator of Sustainability Projects

Holder of a PhD in Economics from the Birkbeck College, University of London, Rossana is a passionate university lecturer and research collaborator of the United Nations International Labour Organization. The topics at the heart of Rossana’s expertise are at the intersection of poverty, employment and economic development, as well as related government policies. In 2018, Rossana founded Boky Mamiko, a Swiss-based NGO active in supporting children's education in Madagascar. Educating the children is key to help them understand, care about and protect their rich surrounding nature.


Hatice Altunkas

Coordinator of Procurement

Hatice is passionate about making bio-organic, healthy and environmentally friendly food easily available to people. After graduating from  Vienna University of Economics and Business, she co-founded HCH Global Trade, a family-owned business engaging in sustainable food trade.

She is also committed to giving children in need the best chance for the

future they deserve.